Bale Doneen Method

The BaleDoneen Method

During the past decade, many of our nations leading dentists, physicians and executives have quietly become patients of Dr. Bradley Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen for their own personal preventive care. If there was such a thing as a healthcare guarantee, many percieve this to be it. Their innovative prevention program and impressive results stand alone as far as bringing current research and new technologies to the prevention conversation.


Their data from the past 10 years is currently being compiled in a study that will soon be published by Johns Hopkins Director of Cardiology Dr.Steven Jones.

Other prominent preventive cardiologists who have recently taken the preceptorship Include best selling author and practitioner Dr.Joel Kahn. 


The methods focal point, in addition to the lifestyle management issues of diet, exercise and stress, is INFLAMMATION. Focusing on arterial health by discovering and reducing any potential sources of inflammation. 


"Everything we do is based on published science. Our experience has taught us that in patients, when you look at them holistically, you can keep the arteries healthy, but you have to go beyond the standard of care," says Dr Bale.


They also have the ambitious goal of modernizing preventive medicine by training thousands of healthcare professionals in their methodology through preceptorships, interactive community events, and online education.

The Dental Connection

Nearly 100 years ago, Dr. Charles Mayo, founder of the Mayo Clinic discussed at length the need for dentists and physicians to work together. He wrote;


"The mouth is by far the greatest portal of entrance of germ life into the body. The next great step in medical progress in the line of preventive medicine should be made by the dentists. Complete dental care and preventive measures can extend human life ten years."


It was not until the advent of the Bale Doneen Method that physicians and dentists are now REQUIRED to collaborate on a diagnostic and treatment basis. The approach to inflammation cannot be accomplished singularly. The mouth is simply too large a potential contributor to the overall inflammation story to be left out of any successful prevention program.


Our dental clinical advisor, Dr. Thomas Larkin, is the developer of the first training course for dentists in support of the BaleDoneen Method. He has authored two books on prevention and has recently launched a first of its kind educational web portal for training healthcare professionals in support of the Bale Doneen Method. 

The Most Comprehensive approach To Prevention

Heart Attacks and ischemic strokes are preventable. The Bale/Doneen Method is a first of its kind approach in preventive medicine. By recognizing the contribution of oral infections to the total inflammatory burden of the body, the Bale/Doneen Method zeroes in on the most significant advancements in identifing inflammatory biomarkers. Simple blood tests by the Cleveland Heart Lab and oral bacterial analysis performed by our collaborating dental partners.


EDUCATION: Delivering patient education regarding the realities of arterial disease sets the foundation for effective prevention. It is essential to have a basic understanding of what happens at the time of a heart attack or stroke. We refer to heart attacks and strokes as "events".


DISEASE: Finding out who actually has disease (cholesterol build up ) in their arteries is very important. This is a prerequisite for an event. Treatment decisions should be based on this information and the disease should be monitored over time.


FIRE: Events are triggered when the disease becomes inflamed (fire). Determining and monitoring the inflammation is extremely critical.


ROOTS: Identifying the root cause of arterial disease is an essential step. Without this knowledge the disease smolders until there frequently is another event. Using techniques perfected through the Bale/Doneen Method, we can determine the root causes and halt the disease.


OPTIMAL: Setting optimal goals for modifying risk factors, rather than goals set by the standard of care, is neccessay. The standard of care has legal implications and is adequate to prevent a law suit, but may not be good enough to prevent an "event".


GENES: Rendering care that is individualized ( as opposed to treating people as the average) produces superior results. You cannot get any more personal than your genetic make-up. The Bale/Doneen Method has utilized genetic testing for over a decade. Genetics is the future of medicine and our method stays on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving field of medicine.

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